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PCREC Chairman Beyrouti: Working Hard for Republican Victory in 2012

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(Video courtesy PCREC)

(April 11, 2011) Jay Beyrouti is a man with a mission, and remains focused on Republican victory in 2012.  As the Chairman of the Pinellas County Republican Executive Committee (PCREC), he has invigorated that organization’s fundraising, recruitment, and political clout as he readies Pinellas Republicans for the fight of 2012.  But the path to victory in 2012 remains strewn with challenges.

Jay Beyrouti, Chairman, PCREC

In Monday night’s monthly address to the PCREC membership in a hotel ballroom in St. Petersburg, Florida, Chairman Beyrouti talked about the current budget crisis and told the gathering of approximately 150 Republican activists that he and the others in the room wanted a lot more, but that the Republicans in Congress were on the right track with the recent budget cuts.  He stressed, however, that the the upcoming negotiations  over the national debt ceiling will provide an opportunity to make deeper budget reductions.

Chairman Beyrouti announced that the Republican state convention known as Presidency 5 will be held September 22-24, 2011 at the Orange County Convention Center.  He also told the crowd that on September 17, 2011, a week before Presidency V, the PCREC is planning to hold a Reagan Day Dinner, with tickets priced at $75.00.  The date is tentative, the location is to be finalized soon, and the keynote and supporting speakers are to be announced.

He also told those assembled that, although Republicans have a supermajority of elected officials in Florida, there are 600,000 more registered Democrats than registered Republicans in Florida, in Pinellas County registered Democrats still outnumber by registered Republicans by 19,000, and that there are more than 154,000 independent voters in the county, making new voter registration a key part of the Republican strategy in this off-year.

The Chairman also told the members that Barack Obama has announced that he is running for re-election and will be organizes and backed by the unions and other groups; the PCREC will be meeting this challenge by organizing and mobilizing as many volunteers as possible to work the 2012 election.  Chairman Beyrouti encouraged all of the activists present to get involved.

Chairman Beyrouti stressed the importance of all conservative groups being united and focused on the common goals of smaller government, lower taxes and greater fiscal responsibility, and more individual freedom, and he summarized the current political situation with the slogan “United we prevail, divided we fail.”

The Chairman finished by telling the members about a small group of activists that was using the Republican name in violation of the Republican Party charter and state law to raise money and stage political activities, how as Chairman he had to put a stop to the unlawful use of the name, how there were no hard feelings towards the activists, and how that group was continuing its activities without using the Republican name.

The law that the activists were apparently unaware of is section 103.081 of the Florida Statutes, which provides in its entirety:

(1) No person shall use the name, abbreviation, or symbol of any political party, the name, abbreviation, or symbol of which is filed with the Department of State, in political advertising in newspapers, other publications, handbills, radio or television, or any other form of advertising in connection with any political activities in support of a candidate of any other party, unless such person shall first obtain the written permission of the chair of the state executive committee of the party the name, abbreviation, or symbol of which is to be used.
(2) No person or group of persons shall use the name, abbreviation, or symbol of any political party, the name, abbreviation, or symbol of which is filed with the Department of State, in connection with any club, group, association, or organization of any kind unless approval and permission have been given in writing by the state executive committee of such party. This subsection shall not apply to county executive committees of such parties and organizations which are chartered by the national executive committee of the party the name, abbreviation, or symbol of which is to be used, or to organizations using the name of any political party which organizations have been in existence and organized on a statewide basis for a period of 10 years.
(3) A political party may file with the Department of State names of groups or committees associated with the political party. Such filed names may not be used without first obtaining the written permission of the chair of the state executive committee of the party.

While Chairman Beyrouti did not name any of the people involved in the unlawful use of the Republican Party’s name, many in attendance knew who he was referring to.

The PCREC, and every other Republican executive committee (REC) in the country, have been joined by large numbers of anti-Left political activists motivated for the most part by a desire to end government excesses who are relatively new to electoral politics and who have only recently become activists within the framework of the Republican Party.  Almost all of them have proven themselves to be staunch patriots, committed to freedom and liberty, and willing to bear any burden to restore America to its constitutional foundation. They have brought tremendous energy and excitement that helped generate the great win in the 2008 elections.  As Chairman Beyrouti well recognizes, they are an invaluable asset to the Republican Party.

The power and promise of these insurgents is now such that a challenge faced by every REC chairperson is to integrate — and where necessary educate — these new arrivals so that the Party remains unified and can maximize its strengths in the coming elections. To his credit, Beyrouti’s policy of quiet, principled engagement with these people has proven successful so far in achieving unity, cooperation and enthusiasm, and avoiding factionalism and acrimony, among his members.  The maintenance of this state of affairs through the 2012 elections remains one of the greatest leadership challenges for the Chairman, but one that he remains confident he will successfully meet.


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