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Happy 100th Birthday, President Ronald Reagan

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By Allah Palooza

President Ronald Reagan

Ronald Reagan was a man of conviction, a true leader of his nation, and one of the greatest presidents the United States has ever had. Were he still alive, Sunday would be his 100th birthday.  Although he has passed, his legacy remains strong, and he remains an inspiration to conservatives who love this country and the bane of radicals on the Left who hate it.

Above all, Reagan stood for American exceptionalism, by which democracy, individual liberty, and the free enterprise system combined to create the greatest nation in the history of mankind. Reagan saw America as great shining city on the hill in a world of darkness and despair, giving hope and encouragement to all those who longed for freedom. He spoke with pristine clarity about his vision of America, and he gave Americans the strength to believe in themselves at a time of crisis similar to what our country is experiencing now.

Ronald Reagan’s accomplishments speak for themselves, and so there is not much more to state here than to suggest the following quick links for those celebrating his 100th birthday and wanting to know more about this great man:

Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation and Library. This is the most complete and comprehensive site available about President Reagan, the Reagan Foundation and Library, and the centennial. You can spend a lot of time on this site alone.

Illinois Reagan Centennial Commission. This is a good site for those interested in President Reagan’s early years in Illinois. This site offers historical insights and a comprehensive calendar of events commemorating Reagan in that state.

Republican National Committee. Although commercialized (you can’t blame the GOP for using Reagan’s legacy for fund-raising), this site has several interesting Reagan quotes and links to some interesting videos about him, almost all of it originating with the Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation and Library.

Heritage Foundation. This site features an interesting video about Reagan and links to Heritage Organization articles about Reagan, his policies, and his continuing relevance.

Rush Limbaugh’s Tribute to Ronald Reagan, June 7, 2004. A great eulogy by another great conservative.

Cato Institute. This site has an impressive collection of photographs and links to articles, studies, commentary, books, events, and podcasts.

Young America’s Foundation. Featuring an intro video by Ben Stein and links to a number of YAF activities having a Reagan theme.

Boston Globe. A collection of interesting quotes about Ronald Reagan.

Christian Science Monitor. A summary of 10 moments that defined Ronald Reagan and through which Ronald Reagan defined America.

Orange County Register. A special section with excellent graphics (including an illustrated timeline) about the life and times of Ronald Reagan.

TIME. Links to several TIME articles about Reagan, spoiled somewhat by the magazine’s inability to resist projecting Reagan-like qualities on Barack Obama.

United Press International. A nice collection of photos covering Ronald Reagan’s life.

USA Today. A great collection of 49 photos of Reagan throughout his life. Ignore the otherwise annoying pop-up commercial ad that you have to watch before being able to look at the photos.

U.S. News & World Report. A set of 26 photos of Ronald Reagan taken throughout his life.

Washington Examiner. A special report with biography, comment, and analysis.

Washington Post. A special report featuring a video and lots of links to other articles, commentary and analysis. Not too bad for a left-wing progressive newspaper.

Washington Times. A neat little article about The Great Communicator.

Wikipedia. Lots and lots of links to all manner of information about Ronald Reagan.

Michael Giorgino, Ronald Reagan: 100 Years, The Daily Transcript, February 3, 2011. A personal remembrance of a 1972 encounter with Ronald Reagan that reveals a lot about the man he was and the way he interacted with people.

An NBC story about President Reagan’s very impressive 400-pound birthday cake.

An ABC News tribute to Ronald Reagan on the occasion of his passing:

Finally, here is Sarah Palin’s speech honoring Ronald Reagan’s 100th Birthday:


Written by Allahpalooza

February 5, 2011 at 9:03 pm

2 Responses

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  1. […] Born in a log cabin in Kentucky to a farmer and his wife who were barely literate, Lincoln overcame tremendous challenge and adversity to become, first, a successful lawyer, and, finally, the President who shepherded  the United States though civil war and other national calamities. In the end, he left an America that was a stronger and better place, a nation of enduring strength of character, labor, and ingenuity that grew over the ensuing decades into the greatest nation in the history of mankind. It would be fair to say that without Lincoln, there could not have been a President as great as Ronald Reagan. […]

    • He was proud to be an American. He very much wanted all of us to be proud of our country. His message inspired young and old. There will never be another man of his stature ever hold this office. He did succeed in making my generation of the young proud to be Americans. Myself and my friends felt rightly so that upon his passing we had lost a close friend. Many of my friends traveled to Washington while he lie in State at the Capitol. He reminded us that this was still the greatest Nation on earth. One can’t help but wonder what his reaction would be to what is happening in our government today, but I think those of us who know much about him know the answer to that. He loved this country and its people. One need only listen to him talk to realize this. God knows we need another Ronald Reagan today to lead us and tell us what to do. I pray that he is not looking down to see what is happening to this Nation that he loved.


      March 23, 2011 at 10:59 pm

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