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Burning Down the House

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By Korso

When I was growing up, Terry Jones was just one of the guys from Monty Python. Now, thanks to the 24-hour news cycle (Motto: News–all day, every day, whether you want it or not), the whole world knows him as that knucklehead from Gainesville who wants to mark another solemn passing of September 11th by firing up copies of the Koran.

It’s bad enough that Florida seems to be a magnet for nutcases, and this little revival of Nazi Germany certainly won’t help. On the other hand, given the dizzying array of double-standards that permeate the PC culture these days, Jones’s stunt doesn’t come as much of a surprise. Coupled with the brouhaha over the proposed Park 51 Mosque in New York, it seems more of a natural result of where we’ve been headed.

Is that to say America really is an Islamophobic nation, as the lefty crowd has been telling us? Hardly. But there’s only so much browbeating people can take before they start pushing back. I mean, think about it: Time and time again, we’ve been told by our betters that we need to pay special care to Muslim sensibilities, lest we give offense out of our own ignorance of their culture. Then, when we have the temerity to suggest that perhaps Muslims should show the same sensitivity toward others, we’re called bigots and haters. We’re made to feel ashamed of our own culture and history, a sentiment perfectly embodied by our own president during his groveling tour of the Middle East. After having all that shoved down our collective throats, it’s no wonder that some have taken to acting out in provacative ways.

With that said, should we advocate what Jones is doing? Certainly not. This is America–we don’t burn books, we read them. That some publicity hound with a storefront church can gin up such a fuss with a press release and some lighter fluid frightens me to no end. But it does provide a useful lesson on the wages of political correctness, and the cultural rot it causes.


Written by Korso

September 8, 2010 at 4:24 pm

Posted in Politics

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