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Judicial Candidate Kathryn Welsh Hearts Elena Kagan

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By Spartacus Thrace

Elena Kagan (Credit Image: © Jay Mallin/ZUMA Press)

For those of you who have been frustrated in your efforts to find out the personal philosophies of candidates running for judge, here’s a bit of a tease, with the promise of much more to come.

The Conservative Institute for Public Awareness (CIPA), a group originally created by former U.S. Congressman Mike Bilirakis, hosted a judicial candidates forum on June 1, 2010.  The forum was well-attended and was videotaped in its entirety.  It was a rare and very informative event but, nonetheless, it did not get much publicity outside the membership of CIPA.  Until now.

In the race for Sixth Circuit Court Judge, Group 18 (Pasco and Pinellas counties), the candidates are Patricia “Trish” Muscarella (who came out ahead in the primary and is endorsed by all major law enforcement groups, the State Attorney and the Public Defender) and Kathryn Marie Welsh (who came in second and was endorsed in the primary by the St. Petersburg Times).  When asked to name their favorite United States Supreme Court Justice, Muscarella expressed her admiration of Justice Antonin Scalia, but Welsh was almost giddy as she gushed about then-nominee Elena Kagan.  Here’s what each said in response to the question (Hat tip to CIPA and Joe Sekula):

The first value of this little clip is that it is unmistakable that Welsh identifies with liberal judicial activism.

The clip is also a valuable indication of Welsh’s aptitude for situational awareness.  First of all, one has to wonder if Welsh actually heard the question, which was directed at sitting justices, and not nominees.  Regardless, it was an informative answer for those conservative voters concerned over the direction the country is headed.  One must, however, wonder if Welsh understood that she was in a room full of conservatives and that she was praising a radical leftist hand-picked by President Obama to protect his statist agenda in the United States Supreme Court, and whose nomination those conservatives to whom Welsh was speaking uniformly and vigorously opposed.

With Trish Muscarella stating her admiration of Justice Scalia, the clip also shows that there is a rare, remarkably clear, choice between the candidates for Circuit Court Judge in Group 18, one that conservatives (and moderates) overlook at their peril.

SHAM: Who the Hell is TEA Party Candidate Victoria Torres and Why is She Running in My District?

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By Angry Wasp

I live in Florida House District 51 in Seminole, Florida, which is part of Pinellas County.  I am a veteran, work a regular job, own the house I and my family live in, pay my taxes, keep my lawn mowed and trimmed, am friendly with my neighbors, and I vote in every election.

Rep. Janet Long (D-Seminole)

The other day, when I was at the computer checking on who was going to be on the ballot in November, I saw that someone named Victoria Torres was running for the House District 51 seat as a TEA Party candidate, along with the Democrat incumbent Janet Long and Republican challenger Larry Ahern.

Larry Ahern, Republican Candidate for Florida House District 51

Victoria Torres?  I never heard of her, but I thought, well, if she’s part of the tea party crowd she’s probably as fed up as I am about the way our government is going.  I decided to check her out, even though I had pretty much already decided to vote for Larry after meeting him at a local candidates’ night in my neighborhood.

I Googled “Victoria Torres” and, boy, did I get a shock.

There were all kinds of articles linking her to a couple of political scam artists in Orlando, but no sign of a campaign website.  Thinking that maybe she had just gotten some bad press lately but might otherwise be OK, I continued to search for her website and any information I could find out about her.  It seemed that the longer I looked the less I found, and things just weren’t making sense.  This made me even more curious about who this lady was, and why she was running in my district. Read the rest of this entry »


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By Korso

The sound you hear is the wringing of hands across the nation. Tea Party darling Christine O’Donnell just beat establishment guy Mike Castle for the GOP Senate nomination in Delaware. I can’t remember when something sparked the talk radio airwaves as much as this li’l ol’ primary election did. To hear the pundits talk, you’d think that the fate of the nation rests on the outcome.

And they’re mostly right. Just not in the way that they think. Read the rest of this entry »

Written by Korso

September 16, 2010 at 5:47 pm

The Smell In the Room: Controversy Over Florida’s New Ballot-Qualified TEA Party

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By Le Corbeaunoir

TEA Party Logo

The creation of the TEA Party as a minor political party in Florida in August 2009, its subsequent qualification of federal and state candidates to be on the November 2010 ballot under the TEA Party name, and other activities of people closely connected to that party have sparked a major political row with implications extending to the 2012 presidential election and beyond. At the heart of the controversy is a fight to the finish between members of the new political party and grassroots Tea Party movement organizers over proprietary ownership and control of the name “Tea Party” and other aspects of the Tea Party “brand” in Florida. The controversy is about power, control, and money, and who gets to define what “Tea Party” means in Florida.


The ballot-qualified “TEA Party” and the “Tea Party movement” are not the same thing. They do not share organizations, leaders, or members, and they are ideologically opposed. The movement is decentralized with power diffused among its many factions. The party is centralized, with power concentrated in the hands of a few. The movement has grown spontaneously across the state over the past year-and-a-half or so, while the party was created by a filing with the Florida Secretary of State in August 2009. Read the rest of this entry »

Burning Down the House

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By Korso

When I was growing up, Terry Jones was just one of the guys from Monty Python. Now, thanks to the 24-hour news cycle (Motto: News–all day, every day, whether you want it or not), the whole world knows him as that knucklehead from Gainesville who wants to mark another solemn passing of September 11th by firing up copies of the Koran.

It’s bad enough that Florida seems to be a magnet for nutcases, and this little revival of Nazi Germany certainly won’t help. On the other hand, given the dizzying array of double-standards that permeate the PC culture these days, Jones’s stunt doesn’t come as much of a surprise. Coupled with the brouhaha over the proposed Park 51 Mosque in New York, it seems more of a natural result of where we’ve been headed.

Is that to say America really is an Islamophobic nation, as the lefty crowd has been telling us? Hardly. But there’s only so much browbeating people can take before they start pushing back. I mean, think about it: Time and time again, we’ve been told by our betters that we need to pay special care to Muslim sensibilities, lest we give offense out of our own ignorance of their culture. Then, when we have the temerity to suggest that perhaps Muslims should show the same sensitivity toward others, we’re called bigots and haters. We’re made to feel ashamed of our own culture and history, a sentiment perfectly embodied by our own president during his groveling tour of the Middle East. After having all that shoved down our collective throats, it’s no wonder that some have taken to acting out in provacative ways.

With that said, should we advocate what Jones is doing? Certainly not. This is America–we don’t burn books, we read them. That some publicity hound with a storefront church can gin up such a fuss with a press release and some lighter fluid frightens me to no end. But it does provide a useful lesson on the wages of political correctness, and the cultural rot it causes.

Written by Korso

September 8, 2010 at 4:24 pm

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