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Donatello's David (Wikimedia Commons)

By Korso

Now there’s a scary image.  With Charlie Crist, though, we’ve gotten used to it.  Not literally, thank God–but certainly the unabashed brazenness with which our beloved former Republican governor has managed to out flip-flop even John Kerry during the 2004 presidential race.  Upon hearing about Crist’s veto of HB 1143, I couldn’t help but think back to all those ads he ran when he was still trying to outflank Marco Rubio from the right.  You remember those, casting himself as a conservative in the Reagan mold or some such.  Now that he’s an independent, I guess Crist figured he didn’t need to bother.

What’s amazing to me is how Good Time Charlie doesn’t even realize how much this decision makes him look like the opportunist that he really is.  I mean, it’s quite obvious as to why he vetoed the bill.  Figuring that he can pull Democrat voters away from the hapless Kendrick Meek, he decided to make a run to the left on abortion, torpedoing a perfectly reasonable measure that would give women a fuller measure of information before they decided to terminate a pregnancy.  Now people can argue the merits of such a law in good faith–but I can’t help but think that had Crist stuck with the Republican primary, he would have signed the law in the blink of an eye to show his pro-life bona fides to the party base.  That he picked now to whip out the veto pen only proves–for the umpteenth time–that our governor is a man utterly without principle.

It also illustrates how he’ll caucus if, Lord help us, he actually wins that Senate seat and goes to Washington.  Crist will wait and see who gets the majority, and then he’ll pull an Arlen Specter and make a deal with whomever’s in power.  If the Democrats hold on, he’ll cozy up to them.  If the Republicans take over, he’ll figure out a way to slither back in with his former party–and chances are that the margin will be so slim, we’ll have no choice but to do business with him.  Either way, we’d be facing a very unpleasant situation.

Because Charlie Crist stands for nothing, except advancing his own position.  He’s a consummate politician in the very worst way, just like all the rest of the jokers who have been taking this great nation down a path of bigger government, bigger deficits, less freedom and shrinking opportunity.  This election is supposed to be about throwing those kind of bums out, not giving them even more slack to do as they please.  Make no mistake, Crist is no independent.  He’s an empty suit with a glow-in-the-dark tan, the kind of guy who might be selling manscape grooming products on late-night infomercials if he hadn’t gotten into politics.

Today’s veto only offers more proof that we need to keep this man far, far away from Washington.  We have too many Charlie Crists there already.


Written by Korso

June 11, 2010 at 8:05 pm

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