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Tea and Sympathy

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By Korso

The Era of Obama brought with it a number of unintended consequences–and not just for that part of the electorate who bought into the whole hope and change thing, only to discover that they’d been baited and switched.  It also, at long last, blew the cover off the mainstream media-as-watchdogs scam, and laid bare the full-left tilt of news organizations desperate to engineer an election rather than cover it.  Short of wearing “I Grok Barack” t-shirts and throwing the man a ticker tape victory parade, our reporter brethren couldn’t have been more biased.  And people noticed.

Which carries us to the here and now, and my how things have changed.  The Tea Party has grown into a full-blown resistance movement–nay, a Fifth Column in the administration’s view–and so naturally, true to their modus operandi, the media are doing their damnedest to tar and feather them with the broadest brush possible:  racism.  That’s right, folks–if you’re a bit worried about the country running up a trillion and an half dollar deficit in a single year, if you think that a socialized health care system might lead to poor service and runaway costs (as it has everywhere else it’s been tried), if you have compunctions about government taking over huge swaths of the private sector, you can’t possibly have arrived at these conclusions out of mere principle.

No, it’s really because the President of the United States is black.

At least that’s what passes for analysis in the hermetically sealed world that is the modern newsroom.  Ah, but you want proof, they say.  What about the conspicuous absence of black people at the Tea Party rallies?  Of course, I could make the same observation about the absence of black anchors on the Big Three network newscasts.  Does that mean that ABC, CBS and NBC are racist too?

Obviously, these claims are absurd on their face–but that doesn’t stop our betters in the mainstream media from tossing them out there.  And really, who can blame them?  The race card has been played quite effectively in the past, especially as a way to silence debate on matters the Left would rather not talk about.  For some reason, however, it doesn’t seem to be working anymore–and I think I have a pretty good idea why.  Put simply, most Americans–people who don’t normally give a flip about politics–agree with what the Tea Party stands for.  They understand instinctively that you can’t keep running up debt, because one day the tab will come due.  They know that high taxes only punish people for getting ahead, and discourage the kind of hard work that made America great.  And they want to leave the next generation better off than they were–not holding the bag for trillions of dollars they can never hope to pay back.

When the Democrats in Washington and their media allies belittle those who hold these views, they insult the vast majority of the American people.  You can’t keep doing that without some serious blowback–and that’s exactly what we’re seeing in the polls and primaries, not to mention the Earth-shaking elections in New Jersey, Virginia and Massachusetts.  In pulling off their masks, the Left have finally given folks a real glimpse of their faces–and a lot of people don’t like what they see.

So maybe some good will come from the Age of Obama after all.  At least the voters will have a clearer picture of the choices they have–and if I get my wish, they won’t take anything the media tell them at face value.


Written by Korso

May 13, 2010 at 7:35 pm

Posted in Politics, Tea Party

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