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Attack of the Drones: Organizing For America Targets Talk Radio

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"On the Air" (Credit: Organizing for America)


By Spartacus Thrace

Barack Obama’s personal political action and propaganda organization, Organizing for America (OFA), serves as a quasi-government agency for the promotion of the Obama agenda under cover of the legal fiction that it is “a project of the Democratic National Committee.”  OFA, which operated openly as the Obama presidential campaign organization until Election Day 2008, is still campaigning for Obama and is presently focused on getting Obamacare through the Congress in spite of the will of the people.  Such is the way of the statists.

The greater part of OFA’s work is “perception management,” the creation of the perception that Obama and his programs enjoy the enthusiastic support of the American people.  While the Lefties who dominate the Old Media have always been on board with the program and are team players in the effort to prop up Obama, OFA and its fellow travellers in the media have done such a poor job among the general public and against the New Media over the past year that the Obama Administration is increasingly being described as a failed presidency.

Operation Groundswell announcement.

Beginning with the apparent premise that truth is relative and the will of the people can be overcome by the right messaging system and an army of drones who will carry that message, the OFA politburo has determined who its enemies in this fight are.  As it is not the nature of Marxist ideologues to find fault in their own views, OFA has determined that the Left knows better and what stands between them and their objectives is conservative talk radio, and that conservative talk radio must be weakened and overwhelmed and flaccid liberal talk radio must be reinvigorated and supported.   This approach is consistent with, and complements, Obama Administration plans to regulate conservative talk radio out of existence.  In its further analysis of talk radio, OFA has determined that the shows most vulnerable to manipulation and exploitation are those that take telephone calls from listeners, and that these shows can be targeted with barrage calling by OFA drones who pass themselves off as ordinary folks while spouting standardized, pre-scripted “talking points” prepared by OFA.  This list of shows is predominantly a list of conservative talk radio hosts, and comprises an Administration “enemies list” or list of high-value targets in their drive to control the American people.  This is also an attempt to stifle free and open political debate in this country, and it is alarming.

Operation Groundswell web page.

The first phase of the OFA operation, called “Groundswell,” has been to have OFA operatives report back to OFA Headquarters with data about talk radio shows that take calls, which OFA is assembling into a massive database.  This is what in military doctrine is known as the “intelligence battle,” in which the correlation of forces is assessed and targets are selected for the upcoming “maneuver battle.”

The second phase of the operation, called “On the Air,” uses a feature of the OFA website that allows a drone to use a personal computer to listen via the OFA mainframe to live talk shows that stream on the internet while these shows are in progress, and provides a telephone number (usually a toll-free number) for calling the show.  OFA provides linkage to a set of talk shows in progress, and encourages the drone to “call” multiple shows in succession and use the “talking points” dezinformatsiya provided on the website by the OFA politburo.  OFA thus tells the drone who he or she can call, when, and what to say — while encouraging the operative to tell his or her “own” story and why he or she supports “reform.”  In other words, they try to make it seem like the drone is a genuine caller, and not just a drone.  A drone can thus spend all day calling talk shows all over the country and spouting the OFA talking points if he or she has nothing better to do.  “On the Air” also encourages the “caller” to report back to OFA about the call via a message block provided on the On the Air web page.  This is the maneuver battle.  Saul Alinsky would be proud.

"On the Air" instructions. (Credit: Organizing for America)

OFA is depending on an army of useful idiots (the drones) to make this whole scheme work without causing embarrassment or otherwise leaving a distinct trail back to OFA or to Obama.  “On the Air” was launched quietly and with very little fanfare and has been almost completely ignored by the Old Media, which has kept the profile of this project very low.  Each drone is “empowered” to make these calls by being told in the instructions that he or she “represents” OFA, but the instructions do not tell him or her to tell anyone at the show contacted that he or she is calling as such a representative. 

It is no accident that Obama and OFA are desperate to get Obamacare passed, notwithstanding the stauch resistance of the majority of Americans and their representatives in Congress:  Obama needs Obamacare to become law as a payoff to the drones who support him in the belief that they will get everything for free from him and that Obama will make other people pay for whatever the drones get.  Without the drones Obama is a general without an army, and he needs an army in the field to hold off the legions of advancing conservatives as we head to the 2010 elections, as it is increasingly apparent that the Democrats in Congress won’t do it for him.

Ultimately this attempt to subvert talk radio is not likely to work, and it may backfire badly on Obama.  To begin with, drones are generally too ignorant of the facts and of history to engage in a sustained free-form discussion with the average conservative talk show host, or to even get past many of the call screeners who work for those shows.  Scripted comments sound stiff and once off-script a drone usually starts repeating himself or herself and refusing to answer questions or respond to points made by the called host.  Just listen to the Mark Levin Show sometime to hear how badly drones do with free-form discussion.  The more experienced talk show hosts would probably be flattered to have made the Obama-OFA Enemies List and would likely enjoy using the drones as foils to make the points that conservatives are making these days and to improve their shows’ ratings.  A sustained and identifiable attack by the drones also would be interpreted by the American people as another sign of weakness on the part of Obama, and as an inherently dishonest and condescending attempt to manipulate them.

If a secondary effort is made to prop up liberal radio hosts by increasing their listener base, that is unlikely to work either.  As shown by the demise of Air America, liberal-progressive talk radio cannot make it in the free market, because there are not enough liberals or other people in America to support it without government subsidies:  Flipping a few drone calls their way won’t make a difference.

So why is OFA doing this?  The President is an incompetent control freak and a Marxist ideologue.  In a wider context, the effort to attack talk radio with an army of drones is consistent with a President who cannot give a speech without two teleprompters present — even when addressing an elementary school class, holds press conferences and “town hall” meetings in which scripted questions are asked, and who has to control everything that is said and done in his presence.  He knows that he is a failed President, heading a failed Administration, and he has deluded himself into believing that his only chance to stay in power is to keep the American people from finding out — and in his vanity he appears ready to sacrifice the entire Democratic Party in the 2010 elections if necessary.  In any event, conservatives need to keep an eye on this effort and watch where it goes.  It could get very interesting.  Stay tuned.


Written by Spartacus Thrace

February 28, 2010 at 11:58 pm

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    Patrick Sperry

    March 1, 2010 at 12:11 am

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