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The PCREC: Fired Up and Ready To Go

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By Spartacus Thrace 

A little over a year ago, the radical Lefties in the media and the Democratic Party declared the Republican Party roadkill in the wake of Marxist Barack Obama’s 52.92% to 45.66% victory over an erratic and clueless RINO named John McCain. Even before the election, media whores and political hacks were writing the GOP’s obituary, declaring that the Republican Party was a dead party walking, doomed to permanent irrelevancy, awaiting political execution at the hands of the voters on election day. One such hack, a former advisor to President Bill Clinton who also worked on the Hillary Clinton campaign named Sid Blumenthal even had a book published in early 2008, and wrote a follow-up commentary published in the Leftist media, smugly titled “The Strange Death of Republican America and 40 More Years: How the Democrats Will Rule the Next Generation.” As recently as May 2009, the Leftists in the media were gleefully publishing articles with headlines such as “Republicans in Distress: Is the Party Over?” and otherwise amusing themselves by mocking Republicans. But then, to paraphrase the President’s radical close friend and spiritual guide Rev. Jeremiah Wright,  the chickens that are the grim reality of what it means to be ruled by Obama and his fellow statists came home to roost.  No longer demoralized, the Republicans are returning to their conservative roots and spoiling for the fight against the statists. 

Photo by John Lund (Getty Photos)

Fueled by popular anger over the dire radicalism and inept governance of the Obama-Reid-Pelosi triumvirate, and the determination of the American people to take back their country from those who would deny them liberties guaranteed by the United States Constitution, the Republican Party is resurgent.  This was ever so apparent in Pinellas County, Florida, at Saturday night’s Pinellas County Republican Party Executive Committee (PCREC) Lincoln Day Dinner 2010, a video of which can be seen here

The Republican Party has always been strong in Pinellas County, and its current leadership is conservative and very competent.  As a result, the PCREC under Chairman Jay Beyrouti is breaking fundraising and recruitment records and is becoming a formidable force in the politics of Pinellas County and beyond. 

Attendees crowd the hall an hour before the doors are opened. (Photo by PCREC)

This year’s Lincoln Day Dinner was sold out, with over 500 guests in attendance. The dinner program featured State Senator Dennis L. Jones as master of ceremonies, speeches by Jay Beyrouti, Congressmen Pete Sessions (who gave the keynote speech), Gus Bilirakis, Adam Putnam, the guest of honor C.W. “Bill” Young, and Governor Charlie Crist. There also was a parade of elected officials and candidates for office that included elected officials State Senator Paula Dockery, County Commissioners Nancy Bostock, Neil Brickfield, Susan Latvala, John Morroni, and Karen Seel; School Board Members Peggy O’Shea, and Robin Wikle; Pinellas County Clerk of Courts Ken Burke; Pinellas County Supervisor of Elections Deborah Clark; Pinellas County Sheriff Jim Coats, Pinellas County Tax Collector Diane Nelson; Pinellas-Pasco State Attorney Bernie McCabe; Pinellas-Pasco Public Defender Bob Dillinger; State Representatives Jim Frishe, Ed Hooper, and Peter Nehr; and candidates Beverly BillirisRichard Corcoran, Jack Latvala, Dawn Thompson, Larry Ahern, Tom Cuba, and others. The display underscored the strength of the Republican Party in Pinellas County and the rest of Florida.

Crowds socializing before the start of the event. (Photo by PCREC)

The speeches given at this event were a telling indicator of where the Republican grassroots are at this stage:  Everybody who spoke was a conservative and a constitutionalist, a clear indicator that conservatives are winning the fight for the soul of the Republican Party. Even Charlie Crist (who seemed to go a bit out of the way explaining his brief first marriage, subsequent long period of bachelorhood and present marriage) tried to sound like a solid conservative, and to his credit he did not mention that he was running for the United States Senate. The honored guest, Rep. C.W. “Bill” Young, used the occasion to formally announce that he was running for re-election, thereby sounding the death knell for the campaign of Republican and Tea Party activist Eric Lee Forcade and dimming the prospects of announced Democrat challenger State Senator Charlie Justice, who has created a campaign website but has not yet filed his candidacy papers with the Florida Secretary of State. Also of interest was Young’s hint that his outspoken wife Beverly Young would be running for his congressional seat in the future. 

The most significant part of the dinner was the mood of the participants: Upbeat almost to the point of boisterousness, clear-minded as to what was at stake, determined to defend constitutional liberty, and willing to devote a lot of time and treasure to the cause of defeating the Left in the 2010 elections and beyond. 

Even the press was nice to Republicans that night:  The St. Petersburg Times, in a departure from past practice in its treatment of the PCREC using a different reporter, ran a factually objective story about the event, although it remains to be seen if the Times will report fairly on the successful fundraising aspect of this event. 

Election 2010 is shaping up to be a political year like no other since 1994, and to steal a phrase once used by Barack Obama, the PCREC and its members are “fired up and ready to go.”

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