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Attack of the Drones: Organizing For America Targets Talk Radio

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"On the Air" (Credit: Organizing for America)


By Spartacus Thrace

Barack Obama’s personal political action and propaganda organization, Organizing for America (OFA), serves as a quasi-government agency for the promotion of the Obama agenda under cover of the legal fiction that it is “a project of the Democratic National Committee.”  OFA, which operated openly as the Obama presidential campaign organization until Election Day 2008, is still campaigning for Obama and is presently focused on getting Obamacare through the Congress in spite of the will of the people.  Such is the way of the statists.

The greater part of OFA’s work is “perception management,” the creation of the perception that Obama and his programs enjoy the enthusiastic support of the American people.  While the Lefties who dominate the Old Media have always been on board with the program and are team players in the effort to prop up Obama, OFA and its fellow travellers in the media have done such a poor job among the general public and against the New Media over the past year that the Obama Administration is increasingly being described as a failed presidency. Read the rest of this entry »

Written by Spartacus Thrace

February 28, 2010 at 11:58 pm

The PCREC: Fired Up and Ready To Go

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By Spartacus Thrace 

A little over a year ago, the radical Lefties in the media and the Democratic Party declared the Republican Party roadkill in the wake of Marxist Barack Obama’s 52.92% to 45.66% victory over an erratic and clueless RINO named John McCain. Even before the election, media whores and political hacks were writing the GOP’s obituary, declaring that the Republican Party was a dead party walking, doomed to permanent irrelevancy, awaiting political execution at the hands of the voters on election day. One such hack, a former advisor to President Bill Clinton who also worked on the Hillary Clinton campaign named Sid Blumenthal even had a book published in early 2008, and wrote a follow-up commentary published in the Leftist media, smugly titled “The Strange Death of Republican America and 40 More Years: How the Democrats Will Rule the Next Generation.” As recently as May 2009, the Leftists in the media were gleefully publishing articles with headlines such as “Republicans in Distress: Is the Party Over?” and otherwise amusing themselves by mocking Republicans. But then, to paraphrase the President’s radical close friend and spiritual guide Rev. Jeremiah Wright,  the chickens that are the grim reality of what it means to be ruled by Obama and his fellow statists came home to roost.  No longer demoralized, the Republicans are returning to their conservative roots and spoiling for the fight against the statists. Read the rest of this entry »

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