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The Conservatives at New Thermopylae 2010

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"Leonides at Thermopylae" by Jacques Louis David (1814)

By Le Corbeaunoir 

In August or September 480 B.C., Sparta’s King Leonides and 300 Spartans, joined by several hundred warriors from other Greek city-states, took a stand for principle and halted the quarter-million-man invading army of Persian King Xerxes at the Pass of Thermopylae for seven days.  This stand cost the lives of almost all of the Greek defenders but saved the Greek city-states — and ultimately Western civilization — from extinction and strategically weakened the Persians materially and psychologically to such an extent that the Greeks were later able to defeat them in battle and compel them to abandon their plans to conquer Europe.  Up until the battle of Thermopylae, the Persians were considered invincible.  Afterward, the world became a very different place. 

The mid-term elections in 2010 will be the Battle of Thermopylae for Conservatives in America. If the Conservatives are victorious in battle, the eighty-year march of the statists will be halted and the red tide of cultural Marxism that is destroying our society will turn. America will be able to return to the path of liberty and regain its place as the shining city of the hill that serves as a beacon for all who yearn to be free. If the Conservatives are defeated, our country will lose its culture as it slides leftward into historical oblivion under an increasingly tyrannical government. 

The essence of conservatism in the United States is the protection of what is right about American society.  The principles of individual liberty and responsibility, and a belief in an Almighty Creator, have been the cornerstones of American culture for more than three hundred years. The founders of American society believed in these principles and felt that government was a necessary evil, that it’s proper role was to be the servant of the people, and that all power and authority conferred on government flowed from the consent of the people as expressed in a written constitution that had been ratified by the people, and as articulated by the duly elected representatives of the people acting in congress within the bounds of that constitution. The founders felt that government was necessary to preserve and protect individual liberty from domestic and foreign threats, that government’s proper role was to be the servant of the people, and that the powers of government had to be strictly limited lest the state amass so much power that the government transforms itself from servant to ruler of the people and changes the status of the people from masters of government to subjects of government.  The founders also knew that power corrupts and that a government that could not be controlled by the people would be a threat to liberty.  All of these principles have helped to make America the greatest society in the history of mankind. 

We have fallen far from the ideals of the founders.  Today, the American people are ruled by a government that is large, expensive, and out of control and populated by a political class that has insulated itself from the governed.  We now find ourselves at the mercy of this political class, which is presently accelerating its efforts to push, pull and drag America toward policies of the Left that have failed everywhere else in the world where they have been tried.

Cultural Marxism

America did not get to this point overnight.  Our current state of affairs is the result of an eighty-year campaign waged by the Left against American and Western culture that has succeeded in eroding much of those aspects of our culture that have historically kept our society strong.  While it is beyond the scope of this commentary to to provide a detailed historical analysis, a few observations are in order.

Foremost, Conservatives must confront and defeat Kulturbolschewismus, more commonly known as “cultural Bolshevism” or “cultural Marxism” everywhere it exists in our society.  

Initially, the International Left attempted to seize control of the various states in which they operated through violent direct action, but failed everywhere except for Russia and China.  In attacking the more advanced bourgeois nations and societies, the Left has abandoned thoughts of armed insurrection and came to embrace cultural Marxism.  Simply put, cultural Marxism  is a militant anti-bourgeois philosophy emphasizing class, race and gender that applies Marxist principles to the analysis and control of communications media, art, theater, cinema, religion, politics, and other cultural institutions in order to subvert society without the need for direct action.  Particular emphasis is given to controlling society through manipulation of language, the media, and academia. 

Throughout it’s campaign against American culture, the Left has employed the methodology of “critical theory,” a fusion of social sciences oriented toward critiquing society as a whole — as opposed to merely analyzing and understanding it — to agitate for change toward a utopian state.  It is this approach that has brought us historical revisionism in which the actions of great men and women are cast in terms of race, gender, and class struggle, and that has spawned modern social engineering concepts such as “multiculturalism” and “political correctness.”  The waging of cultural Marxism in this manner has already resulted in the Left gaining control of academia and the media, through which it is daily exercising control over our language.  Most recently, the Left has capitalized on this by gaining control of the Democratic Party, which it is manipulating it to acquire even more government power at the expense of individual liberty. 

The most prevalent effects of cultural Marxism can be seen in the erosion of the institutions of marriage and religion, two bourgeois institutions that the Left has long marked for extinction.  On college and university campuses the effect can be seen in the domination of the Leftist point of view and the marginalization or extinction of all contrary viewpoints.  The effects can also be seen in the rise of statism in the Executive and Legislative branches of government and the disregard on the part of the Judicial branch for the Constitution’s limits on government power.

Knowledge and Action

Unfortunately, most Americans and a very large number of Conservatives are virtually oblivious about how the Left has operated in America for the past eight decades.  Most of these people have never even head of “statism, “cultural Marxism,” or critical theory.”  This critical gap in their historical knowledge has hobbled the ability of Conservatives as a whole to comprehend the true extent to which the Left has damaged our society.  This has also left most Conservatives incapable of effectively articulating the erosion of American society caused by the Left to non-conservatives.  The result has been the election of America’s first Leftist President, the appointment of a radical Leftist to the Supreme Court, a tripling of the national debt to beyond $12 trillion, and the present attempt to impose socialized medicine on Americans against the will of the vast majority. 

In modern political terms, the Conservatives are the Spartans and the broader Republican Party are the Athenians.  The Spartans were few in number but well equipped physically and mentally, had a clear vision of the coming fight and its strategic consequences, knew the terrain and the enemy, carefully chose the terrain to fight on, prepared for fight, and stood firm against the Persian onslaught.  The more numerous Athenians chose to conserve their resources by letting the Spartans bleed for them while they prepared for later battles. 

Conservatives need to prepare themselves for battle by learning as much as they can about the history of the Left in America, what it’s goals have been, and the ways in which it has pursued these goals.  Conservatives should pay particular interest to what institutions, organizations and individuals have been targeted by the Left and how thye Left has gone about achieving its goals as regards those targets.

It is an illusion to think that the tide of cultural Marxism can be turned by Republicans winning a majority of the seats in the House of Representatives in the 2010 congressional elections in 2010, or that there is any other “silver bullet” that can halt the Left.  Rather than seek to defeat the Left through victory in congressional elections alone, Conservatives need to employ a long term, bottom-up strategy with the goal of capturing as many low-level elected government positions as possible as a first step towards getting their country back.  This means that Conservatives who see it as their purpose to confront and defeat cultural Marxism need to get elected to local school boards, city and town councils, water boards, and as many other local and state positions as possible in 2010.  Election of Conservatives to public school boards and the promotion of private schools which educate and do not politicize would be particularly effective ways to wrest control of the classroom from the Left at the foundational level of the American educational structure:  Consider the virtues of requiring public schools to teach children the virtues of monogamous marriage, as opposed to giving them classes in how to engage in various sex acts.  

In 2010 Conservatives should also set their sights on the elimination of the unconstitutional and thoroughly detestable practice of “government by non-elected agency,” by which bureaucrats who are not responsible to the electorate are empowered to unilaterally burden citizens by regulation, fine or other sanction.  It is through such non-elected bodies that the Left has done the greatest damage to our society.  Along the same lines, Conservatives should identify for elimination specific government agencies that fit into this category, and campaign for candidates who commit to reducing the size and power of government and against candidates who will not make such a commitment.  This does not mean that Conservatives should apply an ideological litmus test to candidates for office, just that Conservatives should support those candidates who commit to positions that will turn back the tide of cultural Marxism and oppose those who do not. 

Conservatives also must not overlook the state judiciary in 2010, and should campaign to elect as may conservative judges as possible.  This means taking a very close look at the backgrounds of judicial candidates running for election, campaigning for those with a conservative judicial philosophy, and working against those who do not.  Conservative judges translate into stiffer punishment for criminals, safer streets, and an unwillingness to go along with the Left’s agenda. 

Conservatives also must invest in the development of new media for 2010 that can compete effectively with the cultural Marxist “old media” at the local level.  This means the creation and promotion of blogs, local radio talk shows, social networking sites, and other media that can get the Conservative message out to mass audiences and quickly educate as many people as possible in detail about what the Left has done to this country and what can be done to get the country back.  This also means getting to the news that the Left wants suppressed and exposing media bias and corruption wherever it is found.

We All Are Spartans

Conservatives do not have a King Leonides to lead them, and a charismatic leader of Conservatives may never emerge.  Perhaps there are presently not enough individual Conservatives to run fin every open election in 2010.  The fight will not be an easy one, and Conservatives may even face setbacks in 2010.  Regardless, each Conservative must commit to being a missionary for the cause of Conservatism and take individual responsibility to confront cultural Marxism wherever it appears in any form.  We cannot wait for the Republican Party or any other entity or group to take the lead in the fight against cultural Marxism.  We must do it ourselves.  While we do not stand to lose our lives in battle, we do stand to lose our country and the futures of our children if we fail.  In the end, we all are Spartans standing at the spearpoint of our nation’s history.

Written by Le Corbeaunoir

December 25, 2009 at 9:03 pm

2 Responses

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  1. I agree but I believe 2010 may also be some what like the Alamo. I will write about that in my Blog in mid January.

    joey porter

    December 25, 2009 at 11:01 pm

  2. The Spartans were a proto-communistic society and were nothing like modern American conservatives. They did not practice capitalism, but were in fact, practicing an early form of socialistic economics. One of their unique characteristics was the concept of shared property among the citizenry as well as the elimination of money. This distinctive quality set them apart from their Athenian counterparts. To draw comparisons between the Spartans and modern conservatives is superficial, inaccurate, as well as offensive to both sides.


    August 11, 2010 at 1:24 am

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